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I like the process of programming: moving from a seemingly insurmountable problem to an elegant solution by continuous small steps. It's stimulating and satisfying, when it works; it's infuriating when it doesn't. (The same could probably be said of any problem-solving exercise, or indeed anything that involves creative thinking). Call me an aesthete (I am), but I believe code can be beautiful too, hence the use of the adjective 'elegant' above. That's not to say any of my code is, though (I wouldn't call any of it particularly elegant).

Operating Systems

My favourite operating system is RISC OS. I find it incredibly productive compared to Windows, which frustrates me immensely. Good sites to visit to find out more about the OS, and the friendly community surrounding it, are the news sites The Iconbar (who host this site - thanks guys!) and Drobe Launchpad. A more concise news-source is the Acorn Cybervillage (the name and URL is changing soon, so watch out!).
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