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Programs available

There aren't very many at the moment, but I hope to add to it if I have time. All the programs are packaged as zipfiles. Also, they're all designed for RISC OS so they won't work on anything else.


This is yet another shortcut creator, with an added feature in that it recognises broken links and provides a mechanism to fix them.

Download here (20k)


As the name doesn't suggest, CCC is a Cascade Chart Creator. It draws cascade charts based on a list of activities, durations, dependencies etc (which you have to hand-type in at the moment, unfortunately). It produces a cascade chart as a drawfile, with scales, critical activities marked in grey and activities varying in width according to how many people they need. It was written to help with my A-level maths Decision and Discrete coursework. An example of its output (in a fairly unusual scenario) can be found here. At the moment it doesn't let you play with any options, but you can tweak the options in the file itself if you can find them. Maybe some time I'll make a wimp version...

CCC requires the DrawGen module and the DGBasLib library to function, both of which can be found on Jim Lesurf's site.

Download here (5k)


MimeUtils is an updated version of MimeType which I'm working on adding features to, and which now also takes into account comma filetypes (eg. data,ffd) and has the added amazing bonus that if you drag a directory of files to the (new) iconbar icon it recursively sets their type, defaulting to text.
This app was made using !AppBasic by Joe Taylor, but you don't need it to run it.

Download here (23.5k)


MimeType is a small utility which, on booting, sets a double-click on a file of type Data (&ffd) to try and set the file's type, based on its extension.

MimeType requires the MimeMap module to function.

Download here (2.5k)


MimeMerge is a Perl script which merges two MimeMap files, ensuring the resulting output contains every mime-type, extension etc. from the originals. It's not been extensively tested but seems to work ok. Given that there should only (I think) be one RISC OS file-type per mime-type, a conflict in the two files here is arbitrarily resolved. I made it because I have two MimeMap files (one in !InetSuite, one in !Boot) and I'm scared to delete either but wanted to make sure they were both up-to-date.

MimeMerge requires Perl, available from here.

Download here (1.7k)


SuDoku is a solver for the Su Doku problems which appear in various newspapers and seem to be a current craze. I've yet to find a solvable problem which it can't do (not that I've looked very hard). It warns when a puzzle has multiple solutions, and contains a 'hint mode' allowing you to check your own attempts without peeking, too. also available to download is a (slightly larger) un-mangled BASIC version, so you can look at the source-code if you want (the solving routine is horribly messy, however, as I've added quite a lot of features higgeldy-piggedly - sorry!).

New! SuDoku is now at version 1.2, with a number of extra usability features suggested by Rex Palmer - including locking of initial grid when entering 'Hint' mode (so you can't delete the 'given' numbers by mistakes) and full keyboard navigation/shortcut support.

Download small, crunched version (25k)
Download slightly larger, readable version (64k)

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