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This page is a front-end to a Perl script (view and which implements the Simplex algorithm. Currently it implements normal two-stage simplex, but it is possible that in some wonderful alternative universe I have already added:

  • Big M method
  • Automatic tableau creation (given objectives and constraints as equations)

The script

This script will generate the initial tableau which you can then fill in with the various constraints; this will then be processed by the fully-fledged simplex program. You can see an example of its output (warning: the file is pretty large at 195k) tackling the particularly difficult (28-variable, two-stage, 12-pivot) problem which I solved (using a different computer program, also written by me but in BASIC) for my Decision and Discrete Maths 2 coursework.

How many variables are there in the problem (objective, slack and artificial variables included)?
How many objective functions are there?
How many constraints are there?

This implementation of the Simplex algorithm is © Mark Hutchinson 2004.
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