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Here be some mathematical bits and pieces. None of them are incredibly interesting, I'm afraid, but that never stopped anyone else on the Internet (ooh, cheap jibe...). Possibly when I have a bit more time (who am I kidding? I'm at uni, I'll never have it easier) I might put up some links to interesting maths sites.

D1 coursework

The coursework for my Decision & Discrete 1 module. I chose to do a critical path analysis of the task of putting up a tent (based on experience from my Dad, who runs evangelistic camps for children for Scripture Union. All of the charts for this were generated using my program, CCC. You can look at the document online (as it's auto-generated it's currently not entirely accurate; I'll tweak it when I get a chance), or view it as a Word file or in its native !EasiWriter format (for which, I'm afraid, you'll need a computer running RISC OS or VirtualAcorn.
Oops! I've just realised that the activity networks were drawn on after printing the document out, so they're missing. I'll leave them as an exercise for the reader, I think (all the data for them is implicit in the rest of the coursework as far as I can remember).

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Download (zipped) Word document (30.5k)
Download (zipped) !EasiWriter document (24.5k)

D2 coursework

For my Decision & Discrete 2 module, I continued the camping theme, using the Simplex algorithm to determine the most cost-efficient way to order ingredients from a number of different suppliers. This was then solved using a (at the time very hacky) version of what has now become my Online Simplex implementation (although then it was in a rather less portable combination of BBC BASIC and ARM assembler (actually, the assembler wasn't really necessary, I was just doing it to show off). I'm afraid this one's only available in HTML or !EasiWriter format, since the Word export seems to break with the big tables.

View as web page (the tables look horrible though; to see the calculations I'd really recommend looking at the output from the online implementation)
Download (zipped) !EasiWriter document

Powellian algebra

This 'paper' was written following a fellow-pupil's attempt to simplify a fraction by cancelling like terms in an addition from the numerator and denominator, something which caused great mirth. Here the principle (or, more exactly, the result it produced) is extended to create an entire new algebra which promises to change mathematical thinking forever.

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Download (zipped) Word document (6k)
Download (zipped) !EasiWriter document (9k)

How not to be a Simplex widow

This tongue-in-cheek introduction to the Big M method was written for a teacher of mine who, in forgetting a little rule of the method, ended up spending several weeks on one question (making his wife a 'Simplex widow' in the process, as she described it). It's rather frivolous. Yes.

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