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Welcome to the all-new, bright and spangly, tri-coloured[1] wonderland that is Mark's Web Page!

Presenting the suddenly expanded, occasionally updated, usually outmoded and frequently unrated home of Mark Hutchinson in his irregular wanderings of the strange conceptual beast that is the World Wide Web.

Within this most august and jonquil-scented non-publication, you will find all manner of most items to please the soul and stimulate the brain, including such unusual and occasionally oxymoronic delights as:

as well as more mundane (yet still jubilantly eclectic) inclusions, such as:

In case you're interested, this site was written on a RISC OS computer, using !Zap (a text editor), !HTML³ (a HTML macro inserter), !Weave (a web-site automation tool, used for the navigation bar and titles), and !InterGif (a gif creator). So there we go.

[1]Black, grey and blue.

Actually, if you're going to be nit-pickety about it (and let's face it, following footnotes on websites is pretty sad, isn't it?), it uses four colours, because the grey of the header images is slightly lighter than that of the navigation bar images.

In fact, five, since the white background counts as a colour too.

That is, unless you are one of the rare and dangerous group who class black, grey and white as 'shades' not colours, in which case this site has one colour and four shades.

So long as your browser obeys my page's definitions of link colours, anyway.

Well, whatever.

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