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Site overview

You may have noticed that on this page, by the magic of Lua scripting (using !Weave), the navigation bar has been expanded to show a map of the site. This, therefore, is the site map. However, as something to fill the rest of the free space, this page also contains brief descriptions of each page referenced in this map.


The most glorious and happy homepage of this site. Features very little, except for various ways to get to other bits of the site.


Information about me (a little). Not incredibly interesting, to be honest. Not yet, anyway.


How to email me to tell me how much you love this site and everything contained herein.

Site map

This glorious beastie.


I like maths. I will here try to articulate this, for those find the concept astounding (I don't blame you).


As a demonstration of the above, here is a mathematical algorithm implemented online, in Perl. It's wondrous and beautiful. Sort of.

Maths Resources

Here be some mathematical things what I wrote (several of which are rather tongue-in-cheek).

Stupidity the mother of true wisdom. Actually, that's a lie. Still, there's lots of it here.


These aren't funny. No really, they're not.

No sheep

Some of you may be disappointed to find that this site contains absolutely no exploding sheep. I here try to explain this controversial decision.


They're the pretty things with buttons on (no, not overcoats). You can type things in. They do clever stuff. Sometimes they do stupid stuff, as well. But RISC OS ones do that less often.


One day, as a result of a friend's challenge, I sat down and wrote Pong for a graphics calculator. Here is the (fully nitro-equipped) result of my endeavours. Enjoy.


Alongside everything else, I also write programs for RISC OS computers, occasionally. Here are some of them. Maybe sometime I'll get round to adding a few more.

Why are you still reading?

If you've made it all the way down here, you're obviously not concentrating. Don't just sit there, visit some other pages!
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